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Firman ZERO E Portable Expandable Power Station


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Introducing the FIRMAN ZERO E Portable Expandable Power Station: The Most Advanced and Sustainable Portable Power Station on the Market

The Firman ZERO E Portable Expandable Power Station is the most advanced and sustainable energy storage system on the market. With its patented slide-and-lock technology, you can easily add up to 10 expansion batteries to your Firman ZERO E, giving you the power you need to power almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

The ZERO E is incredibly quiet, so you can use it indoors without disturbing anyone. It's also emission-free, so it's good for the environment.

Firman ZERO E Charging a Mac Laptop at Home in the Kitchen

The Firman ZERO E is perfect for a variety of uses, including:

  • Home backup power: Keep your essential appliances and electronics running during power outages.
  • Camping and RVing: Enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about running out of power.
  • Tailgating and sporting events: Bring your own power to the party and never miss a beat.
  • Construction and job sites: Power your tools and equipment without having to rely on generators.
  • Emergency preparedness: Be prepared for anything with the Firman ZERO E.

If you're looking for a portable power station that is clean, quiet, powerful, and easy to use, the Firman ZERO E is the perfect solution for you.

Here are some of the key features of the Firman ZERO E:

Zero Emissions, Zero Maintenance, Zero Sound

Leave all the troubles of a traditional generator behind and enjoy clean, easy, ultra-quiet portable energy with the ZERO E.

Expandable Your Power Up to 10,400Wh of Total Capacity

The ZERO E's flexible design allows for an addition of up to 10 battery packs to give you ultimate power freedom.

Unleash 2000W of Power + 4200W Surge Power

Power your way through any outdoor excursion or power outage at home.

Unmatched Charging Speed

Charge up to 80% of the battery in just 1 hour! Never be caught off guard with the built-in UPS, eliminating unexpected blackouts.

Charge Almost Any Device With a Large Selection of Outlet Options

  • 4 x 120 Volt AC Outlets
  • 1 x 30 AMP RV-Ready Outlet
  • 4 x USB-A Outlets
  • 2 x 100 Watt USB-C Outlets
  • Wireless Phone Charging
  • USB-C Power Delivery Input and Output

Built-In LCD Display Shows Power Level and Charging Time

The ZERO E’s easy-to-use control panel puts you in control of the power input and output.


The ZERO E's LiFePO4 battery is built to give you over 4000 charge/discharge cycles.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x ZERO E Portable Expandable Power Station
  • 1 x AC Charging Cord
  • 1 x MC4 to EC5 DC Charging Cord
  • 1 x Car Charging Cable (Cigarette Lighter to EC5)
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x User Manual

Firman Provides a 3-Year Warranty

Firman warrants to the original purchaser that the mechanical and electrical components will be free of defects for one year (parts and labor) and three years (parts and technical support) from the original date of purchase.

Firman ZERO E Specifications

General Specifications

Capacity 1040Wh
Cycle Life >4000 complete cycles to 80% capacity
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 40 °C (-4 ~104 °F)
Discharging Temperature -20 ~ 40 °C (-4 ~104 °F)
Charging Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C (32 ~104 °F)
Scalability Up to 11.4kWh
Shelf Life 12 Months

Input Specifications

AC Charging Watts 1800 Watts
Solar Input 400 Watts, 11V-50V⎓10A Max
Car Charging Watts 240 Watts
USB-C PD Watts 100 Watts

Output Specifications

AC Rated Output Watts 2000 Watts
AC Peak Watts 4000 Watts
DC 12V Output Watts 120 Watts
USB-A 5V 3.1A Watts 4 x 15.5 Watts
USB-C PD Watts 2 x 100 Watts
Wireless Charger Watts 10 Watts

Power Panel Specifications

Multifunction LCD Display Yes
Main Power Switch Yes
USB Output Switch Yes
DC Output Switch Yes
AC Output Switch Yes
USB Indicator Yes
Wireless Indicator Yes
DC Indicator Yes
AC Indicator Yes
USB-A 5V 3.1A 4
USB-C PD Out 100W 1
USB-C PD In & Out 100W 1
Wireless Charger (9V 1.1A) 1
5-15P AC Input (120V 15A) 1
EC5 DC Input (11-70V Max10A) 1
Parallel Port 120V 20A Yes
TT-30R AC Output (120V 30A) 1
5-20R AC Output (120V 20A) 4
DC5521 Output (12V 10A) 1
Cigarette Lighter 12V Output Yes
Input 15A Circuit Breaker Yes
Output 20A Circuit Breaker Yes
Output 30A Circuit Breaker Yes
Expansion Pack Male Connector Yes
Input Cover Yes
Output Cover Yes

Frame Specifications

Handle Yes
Color Black
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 40 °C (-4 ~104 °F)
Wireless Panel Material Rubber

Battery Pack & Battery Management System (BMS) Specifications

Battery Cell Spec LI-FUN 25Ah 3.2V
Battery Type LFP
Pack Configuration 13S1P
Cooling N/A
Rated Charging Current 35A
Rated Discharging Current 65A
Overcurrent Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Balance Management Yes

Inverter Specifications

Bidirectional Inverter Yes
UPS (≤20ms) Yes
UPS (≤20ms)Parallel Yes
Constance Power Output Yes
Input Voltage Protection Yes
Input Frequency Protection Yes
Input Over Current Protection Yes
Output Over Current Protection Yes
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Fan Cooling Yes

Package Specifications

UPC Code 840876105009
Carton Dimensions 19.7 x 15 x 16.5
Carton Weight 47.6
Product Dimensions 16 x 10.6 x 11.2
Product Weight 42.7

Frequently-Asked Questions

How long does the charge last on the ZERO E?

The ZERO E provides 1040 Watt Hours so for example you could power a device that requires 100 watts for a little over 10 hours.

How many portable charging stations can I stack with the ZERO E?

You can add up to 10 Power Pack +1000 batteries per Zero E and you can combine up to two Zero E's in parallel.

Does the ZERO E work in extreme weather conditions?

The Zero E can be discharged down to 0 degrees F and charged at temperatures as low as 32 degrees F.

Where can I use the ZERO E safely?

The Zero E should be protected from the elements. You can safely use the Zero E indoors, in an RV or Camper, in a tent while camping or even inside a vehicle.

Is the ZERO E waterproof?

No, the Zero E is not waterproof.

What level of output does the ZERO E have?

The Zero E produces up to 2000W continuous and 4000W surge.

What are the use-cases of the ZERO E?

Camping, Power Outages, as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Sports, Small Businesses.

How heavy is the ZERO E?

The Zero E weighs 39.7 lbs.

What is a Watt-Hour of the ZERO E?

"Watt Hours" defines the measurement of the capacity of the Zero E. Each Zero E provides 1040 Watt Hours. That means if you have a device that requires 100 watts the Zero E will power it for just over 10 Hours. Each additional Zero E Battery provides another 1040 Watt Hours. So a Zero E with one additional battery would power a 100W device for nearly 21 hours.

Firman ZERO E Manual

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