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ALP Propane Generator Y-Splitter

Condition: New

SKU: SP-002 YS

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ALP Propane Generator Y-Splitter: Power Two Generators with One Propane Tank

The ALP Propane Generator Y-Splitter is the perfect accessory for any ALP Propane Generator owner. This durable Y-splitter allows you to connect two ALP Propane Generators to a single propane tank, doubling your power output without having to carry around two separate propane tanks.

The Y-splitter is easy to install and use. Simply connect one end of each splitter to the propane regulator on your generators and the other end to your propane tank.

The ALP Propane Generator Y-Splitter is perfect for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Camping: Power your entire campsite with two generators running off of a single propane tank.
  • Tailgating: Keep your food and drinks cold and your TVs and other electronics running all day long.
  • Home Backup: Be prepared for power outages by having two generators ready to go, powered by a single propane tank.

ALP Propane Generator Y-Splitter Features

  • Universal Fit Connection: Universal fitting (QCC-1) made for standardized propane gas appliances giving an easy-to-install connection for a wide range of cooking and heating purposes.
  • Solid Brass Construction: Built with a solid brass construction to ensure a sturdy and durable connection, with sufficient heat resistance.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Ready to use right out the box; simply attach the splitter to your propane tank, and it’s ready for use.

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