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Price Beat Guarantee

We work hard to ensure we offer the absolute best prices online. We also want you to feel supreme confidence in Outbound Power and that you are getting the absolute best price your hard-earned money.

If you discover a lower price for the same product you bought from Outbound Power elsewhere within 14 days of purchase, we will beat it by 1%.

Here's how it works:

  1. Simply contact us with a link to the product.
  2. We will verify the price and respond to you about your refund.

This policy also applies to our own products! If you see our own prices are reduced within 14 days of purchase, we will also issue you a refund for the difference.

Our Price Beat Guarantee terms and conditions:

  • This guarantee does not apply to special promos, special add-ons, open box deals, or sales periods.
  • The item must be brand new and factory sealed.
  • The price must be in USD and will be adjusted for any fees, taxes or other charges such as shipping and handling.
  • We do not match Amazon products, eBay products, or products listed on any auction site.
  • The item must be the same manufacturer and model.
  • The store listing the product must be online only and the store must be an authorized dealer for the product brand.

We reserve the right to refuse any price matching and it is subject to change. 


Last update: 12-4-2023