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BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup

by Bluetti

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Uninterrupted Backup Power? You Got It With The BLUETTI EP800

Imagine a scenario when a severe storm knocks out the power grid, the BLUETTI EP800 ensures your home remains powered, keeping your lights on and essential appliances running smoothly. No more worrying about spoiled food or interrupted work.

The BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup is an advanced energy solution designed to meet the diverse power needs of modern households. This system offers instant backup within 20ms during power outages, ensuring your home remains powered without interruption. Capable of enduring extended outages, the EP800 maintains continuous operation of essential devices and appliances, making it a reliable choice for both emergencies and everyday use.

BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup in garage

BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup Features

Instant 20ms Backup For Uninterrupted Power During An Outage

Provides energy within 20ms during outages, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. This rapid response protects sensitive devices and maintains household operations seamlessly.

Extended Outage Survival For Long-Lasting Blackouts

Capable of enduring prolonged power outages, maintaining continuous power. Ensures that your essential appliances and systems stay operational for extended periods.

Self-Heating Technology

Efficiently operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F). This feature enhances reliability in harsh weather conditions.

Seamless Integration With Solar & Grid Power

Compatible with solar panels, grid power, and generators for versatile energy sources. It offers flexibility in energy sourcing and enhances overall efficiency.

Customizable Capacity For Increased Power Needs

Scalable up to 39,860Wh, allowing you to adjust storage to meet your energy needs. This scalability makes it suitable for various applications and power demands.

Quick Installation (in just 2 hours!)

Operational within just 2 hours, minimizing downtime and complexity. Its easy setup process saves time and ensures quick readiness for use.

Safety and Reliability For Peace of Mind

Features an aluminum alloy casing, stable LiFePO4 battery, intelligent AI-BMS, and NEMA 4X protection. These elements provide enhanced durability and safety in various conditions.

Energy Management With Remote Control

Includes remote control, real-time energy statistics, four working modes (Backup, Self-consumption, Time of Use, Custom), and mobile app accessibility. This ensures easy monitoring and efficient energy use.

1 BLUETTI EP800 inverter and 2 batteries with 2 person

BLUETTI EP800 Warranty

BLUETTI provides a limited warranty policy, ensuring the absence of defects in materials, workmanship, and performance during the warranty period.

What's Included

  • 1 x BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup

BLUETTI EP800 Specifications

Configurations 1xEP800 +2xB500    
1xEP800 +3xB500    
1xEP800 +4xB500    
2xEP800 +4xB500    
2xEP800 +6xB500
2xEP800 +8xB500
Capacity 9,9kWh    
Output Power(BACKUP) 7,600W    
Max. Solar Input 9,000W
Max.input Apparent Power (Bypass + charging) 12 kVA    
24 kVA

General Specifications

Operating Temperature
4'F to 104°F/-20°c to 40°
Noise ≤50dB(A)
Net weight
105 lbs / 48 kg
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
USB/Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth
Protection Rating
Warranty 10 Years
25.0in x 12.8in x14.6in/636mm x325mm x370mm
Input Frequency
60 Hz
UPS Time
Split Phase

Safety UL 1741,CSA C22.2#107.1, UL 9540
Emissions FCC Part 15, Subpart B, ICES-003
Safety UL 1741, CSA C22.2#107.1, UL 9540


Rated Power
Rated Voltage
60 Hz

PV Input

MPPT Inputs 2
Maximum Input Watts 9,000W Total
1 x 3,000W
1 x 6,000W
MPPT Voltage Range/Rated Voltage
Single MPPT Input Current
Single MPPT Maximum Input Current 15A/30A

B500 Battery Pack Specifications

Protection Grade IP65
Noise <25dB
Operating Temperature Charging: 32℉~104℉ / 0℃~40℃
Charging: -4℉~104℉ /
-20℃~40℃ (Inverter connects to the grid)
Discharging: -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃

Storage Temperature -4℉~104℉ / -20℃~40℃/ At least one
charge cycle per month.
32℉~95℉/ 0℃~35℃ / At least one
charge cycle every six months.

Working Humidity 5%-95%
Working Altitude <2000m


Battery chemistry
Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells (LiFePO4)
Rated Capacity 4960Wh
Net weight
127.8 lbs / 58 kg
Protection Grade
25.0in x 12.8in x 13.3in/636mm x325mm x338mm

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q1: What is the switch over time to backup power?

In 20ms.

Q2: What to consider when connecting to solar panels?

1). Avoid thin-film panels;
2). Total open-circuit voltage: 240V - 500V;
3). Use panels with the same specs in an array.

Q3: Can I connect the EP800 directly to my home's existing service panel / main panel to run house loads?

Not recommended. We suggest using a sub panel for essential loads, and ensuring the total load remains under 7.6kW.

Q4: Why do I need a BLUETTI sub panel?

For troubleshooting and maintenance. The sub panel has a manual switch that allows you to switch for switching between generator and grid power during daily use and malfunctions.

Q5: Will the EP800 kick in automatically during an outage?

Yes, the EP800 provides uninterrupted backup power to essential loads during a power outage. When the grid is restored, connected loads resume automatically without manual intervention.

Q6: What’s the difference between EP800 and EP900?

The EP800's off-grid installation is relatively simple and fast, perfect for customers installing a new energy storage system for the first time. While EP900 offers better compatibility, making it ideal for customers who want to integrate battery storage with their existing solar systems.

Q7: Does BLUETTI offer product liability insurance for EP800?

Yes, we have purchased third-party product liability insurance worldwide.

Q8: How many battery packs can I connect to the EP800, and what's the maximum capacity?

Each EP800 inverter accepts 2-4 B500 battery packs (4.96kWh for each) for a total capacity of 9,920Wh-19,840Wh. With two EP800 inverters in parallel connection, the maximum capacity can reach 19,840Wh-39,680Wh with 4-8 B500 batteries.

Q9: Is the EP800 compatible with other expansion batteries like the B300, B300S, or B230?

No, the EP800 only works with B500 battery packs.

Q10: Can I connect a third-party inverter with B500 batteries?

No. The B500 expansion battery is exclusively designed for EP800 and EP900.

Q11: Is it necessary to ground the EP800 unit?

Yes, grounding the EP800 unit is necessary for safety reasons and proper functionality.

Q12: Can I install the EP800 unit by myself?

No. For safety reasons, the system must be installed by a licensed electrician. BLUETTI provides authorized installers for professional installation. Once you place your order, our service team will guide you through the whole process.

Q13: Can I charge the EP800 via solar and grid power simultaneously?

Yes, the EP800 accepts both solar and grid power simultaneously with a maximum input of 9kW. The system always prioritizes solar charging.

Q14: Does EP800 support AC coupling?

Yes, the EP800 supports AC coupling with existing PV inverters. Contact BLUETTI Customer Service for more details.

Q15: Can I charge and discharge EP800 at the same time?

Yes, EP800 supports pass-through charging.

Q16: What information should I provide for EP800 troubleshooting?

Please provide your order number, product serial number (SN), alarm history, error code, and firmware version for efficient diagnosis and resolution.

Q17: What's the process for ordering the EP800?

1) Place your order or schedule a free consultation.
2) Confirm the availability of trusted electricians for installation. If needed, our certified installer can assist with additional installation fees.
3) Receive in-depth training for your electrician to ensure proper installation.
4) Sit back and relax as we assist with the installation process.
5) Contact us for any post-installation support or assistance.

BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup Manual

BLUETTI EP800 Home Battery Backup Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great add-on for my Bluetti AC200Max

Now, I can recharge faster with this charging enhancer. It allows me to use both solar and AC at the same time resulting in 1,400W instead of just the 900W from solar alone. Also, I can use my regular AC Charger and the Charging Enhancer at the same time on both the main unit as well as the B230 battery. AND, I can use solar on the B230 battery too. Gives me more options to recharge my setup.

We're thrilled to learn this worked out so well for you. Thank you for your review!

Dennis C.

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Portable Power Station | 2200 Watts | 2048Wh

Dan R.
Good solar panel

Easy to set up and sturdy carrying case. My only issue: unable to capture more than 300 watts, even in the brightest sunlight.