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BougeRV ROVER2000 Power Station with Extra Battery

by BougeRV

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SKU: ISE166-ISE202
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BougeRV Rover2000 Semi-Solid Extended Power Station

Experience Boundless Energy Anywhere With The BougeRV ROVER2000 Power Station With Extra Battery

Working on a remote construction site where traditional power sources are unavailable is common. The BougeRV ROVER2000 Power Station with Extra Battery offers the necessary power to operate your tools, laptops, and communication devices, ensuring productivity remains high even in the most challenging locations.

Stay powered up no matter where you go with BougeRV's ROVER2000. This robust and versatile power station is also designed for adventurers and off-grid enthusiasts who demand reliable and ample power supply during long trips on the road.

With an impressive capacity, fast charging capabilities, and multiple output ports, the ROVER2000 ensures you can keep all your essential devices running, whether you are camping, traveling, or facing an emergency situation.

BougeRV ROVER2000 Bundle Features

Impressive Capacity for All Your Needs

The BougeRV ROVER2000 boasts a 2200Wh high power output, ensuring you have plenty of energy to keep your devices running. Whether you’re at home, in an RV, or camping, stay powered up with this reliable energy source.

Rapid Recharging for Busy Lives

Fully recharge the BougeRV ROVER2000 in just 1.5 hours with its 1500W input. Get back to full power quickly and effortlessly, so you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less time waiting.

Versatile Output Options

With multiple outputs including USB-C, USB-A, AC, and DC ports, the BougeRV ROVER2000 lets you power several devices simultaneously. Perfect for charging phones, laptops, cameras, and more, no matter where you are.

Compact and Portable Design

Designed for convenience, the BougeRV ROVER2000 is compact and easy to carry. It’s an ideal power solution for home use, RV travels, and camping trips, offering portability without sacrificing power.

Reliable and Safe Power Solution

Utilizing semi-solid battery technology, the BougeRV ROVER2000 offers a more compact and safer battery with no risk of fire or explosion. It operates efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 40°C and ensures quiet operation at just 40dB.

Expandable for Higher Power Demands

The BougeRV ROVER2000 is scalable up to 8kWh with additional batteries, catering to higher power demands. Ideal for home backup during outages, RV trips, and extended outdoor adventures, it keeps your essential devices running smoothly and efficiently.

BougeRV ROVER2000 Bundle Warranty

BougeRV provides a limited warranty policy, ensuring the absence of defects in materials, workmanship, and performance during the warranty period.

What's Included

  • 1 x BougeRV ROVER2000 Portable Power Station
  • 1 x BougeRV ROVER2000 Extra Battery
  • 1 x AC Charging Cable
  • 1 x Car Charging Cable (Cigarette to Anderson)
  • 1 x Solar Charging Cable ( MC4 to Anderson)
  • 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card

BougeRV ROVER2000 Bundle Specifications

BougeRV ROVER2000 Power Station Specifications

Capacity 2008WH
Product Type Portable Power Station
Cycle Life 3000+ Cycles
PV Solar Recharge 11-100V , 30A MAX, 1500W MAX
AC Charge  37.6V/40A, 1500W MAX
Battery Semi-solid State
AC Output (x5) Pure sine wave, total power 2200W (surge4000W for 3 seconds) 50/60 Hz
Cigarette & DC5525 Output 13.6V, 10A 136W MAX TOTAL
USB-A QC3.0 Output (x3) 9V/2A, 18W
USB-C Output (x3) 20V/5A 100W MAX
Product Dimension 15.7 X 10.6 X11 INCHES(L*W*H)
Weight 21kg/47Lbs
Product Warranty 5 Years

BougeRV ROVER2000 Extra Battery Specifications

Model ROVER2000 Extra Battery (up to 8kWh)
Capacity 2008WH
Product Type Portable power station
Cycle Life 3000+ Cycles
Anderson Port 37.6V/30A MAX, 1128W Max
Battery Semi-solid State
Product Dimension 15.7 X 10.6 X7.9 INCHES(L*W*H)
Weight 14.6kg/32.2Lbs
Product Warranty 5 Years

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q1: What are the advantages of semi-solid batteries over LFP batteries?

  1. Excellent low temperature charge and discharge performance, can be used for normal discharge at 14°F.
  2. It has a high energy density of 260Wh/kg. With the same capacity, it is half the weight of LiFePO4, and has the same safety performance and cycle life as LiFePO4.

Q2: Does ROVER 2000 have EPS function?

With excellent EPS function, the switching time is less than 20ms, which meets the load requirements of sensitive electrical appliances.

Q3: Which devices can be powered by the AC outlet of the product?

The rated power of the product is 2200W, the peak power is 4000W (3 seconds), and the AC output port can supply power for most household appliances.

Q4: Are there any precautions for connecting the extended battery pack?

When the number of connected battery packs appears in the area above the power display, it means the expansion is successful.

Q5: How to use ROVER 2000 as uninterruptible power supply in the environment of long-term power failure?

ROVER 2000 supports a maximum photovoltaic input of 1500W, a wide voltage range of 10-100V and a maximum current of 30A. We recommend that you purchase a solar panel pack (8pcs 200W solar panels) as a supplementary energy solution during power outages.

Q6: Does ROVER 2000 have energy-saving protection settings? Will this function turn off the appliance by mistake?

The DC output has canceled the energy-saving protection. When you use a DC appliance such as a car refrigerator, you don’t need to worry about turning it off by mistake. The AC output retains the energy-saving protection due to its high power consumption.

Q7: There is no wheel design. I am worried that it will be inconvenient for long-distance transportation. Do you have matching storage bags and carts for sale?

We have put special waterproof storage bags and trolleys on the shelves according to your needs, and you can enter our store to buy them.


BougeRV ROVER2000 Bundle Manual

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