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Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag


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The Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag Shields Your Devices and Keeps Them Functional

In today's increasingly digital world, protecting your electronic devices from unauthorized access is more critical than ever. Whether you're a security professional, a privacy advocate, or someone who simply wants peace of mind, the Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag offers a comprehensive solution for shielding your electronics from unwanted signal intrusion.

This bag offers top-notch protection for your electronics while maintaining signal integrity for critical functions.

Here's how it works:

  • Blocks unwanted signals: With over 85 dB attenuation across a wide range (400 MHz - 40 GHz), this bag shields your devices from cell signals, GPS, Wi-Fi, and RFID. This prevents tracking, hacking, and unwanted data wiping.
  • Protects from physical damage: The durable Cordura® outer shell is puncture and heat resistant, safeguarding your devices from bumps, drops, and even minor fires.
  • Easy access and organization: The removable Faraday pouch with a roll-top closure ensures your devices are fully shielded when needed. The spacious bag itself comfortably fits various devices, from phones and tablets to laptops.

Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag Features

Built to Withstand the Elements

Crafted from ultra-durable 1000D Cordura nylon, the Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag is engineered to endure even the most demanding environments. This military-grade material boasts exceptional puncture and tear resistance, safeguarding your valuables from physical harm. The water-repellent finish provides an additional layer of protection against the elements, ensuring your devices stay dry and functional in light rain or unexpected spills.

Unparalleled Signal Blocking Performance

Beyond its robust exterior, the Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag features a removable, multi-layered inner pouch with 6 interior slip pockets, 3 on each side, specifically designed to block a wide range of electromagnetic signals.

This interior shield boasts a shielding effectiveness rating of greater than 85 dB across a frequency range of 400 MHz to 40 GHz. In layman's terms, this translates to superior signal-blocking capabilities, effectively neutralizing cell signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, and other wireless communication protocols.

Peace of Mind for Every Device

The Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate an array of electronic devices. The Small and Medium options are ideal for smartphones, tablets, external hard drives, and other everyday essentials. The Large size provides ample space for laptops, drones, car keys with keyless entry fobs, and even entire camera kits.

Here's a breakdown of what each bag size can comfortably hold:
  • Small: Perfect for smartphones, key fobs, credit cards, external hard drives, and small electronics.
  • Medium: Ideal for tablets, laptops up to 13 inches, gaming devices, and various everyday electronics.
  • Large: Accommodates laptops up to 17 inches, tablets, drones, and larger electronic equipment.


Opening: 12″ x 9″
Base: 12″ x 9″
Height: 9″

Opening: 15″ x 9″
Bottom: 15″ x 9″
Height: 11″

Opening: 18″ x 9″
Bottom: 18″ x 9″
Height: 13″

Uncompromising Functionality

The Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag prioritizes both security and user-friendliness. The wide-mouth duffle design allows for effortless loading and unloading of your devices. The removable inner Faraday pouch ensures easy access when needed, and the multiple interior slip pockets and an exterior zippered pocket provide additional organization for cables, chargers, and other essential accessories.

For comfortable carrying, the Small bag features a Velcro grip handle, while the Medium and Large sizes come equipped with an adjustable HK-style clip shoulder strap for convenient hands-free transport. The X-Large boasts both the Velcro grip handle and a removable, padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort during extended carrying.

American-Made Quality and Berry Compliance

The Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag is proudly manufactured in the United States using premium, Berry Compliant materials. This designation guarantees that the bag meets strict quality standards set forth by the Department of Defense, ensuring you receive a product built with the highest level of integrity and reliability.

Invest in Your Digital Security

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your privacy and the security of your electronic devices is paramount. The Faraday Defense Cordura Utility Bag empowers you to take control of your digital footprint, offering a reliable, American-made solution for signal blocking and complete peace of mind.

Built to Last and Trusted by Professionals

Quality Materials Made in the USA

Made in the USA with Berry-compliant materials, this bag meets strict quality standards.

Military-Grade Durability

The bag's construction ensures it can withstand demanding situations.

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