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Wagan Tech Brite-Nite FlexxLite

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Flexxlite features a front flashlight and side lanterns with 3 color temperatures, removeable/magnetic rechargeable light head, and Flexible neck band for attaching anywhere: around your neck, pole, tree limb, or hanging.

Born from a company who loves the outdoors, the Flexxlite one-ups the competition with its detachable and magnetic light heads! No other light in the market can match the Flexxlite's versatility!


    Wagan Brite-Nite Flexxlite Features

    LED Front Flashlight
    The LED Flashlight is a bright 100/50 lumen beam of light (each light head). This dimmable flashlight is perfect for forward facing up-close work.

    LED Side Lantern
    The side lantern features different light colors (temperatures) to give you the perfect light for the task at hand: 3000K (warm white), 4500K (bright white), and 6500K (daylight).

    Rechargeable Battery
    Forget about carrying extra batteries, the Flexxlite is USB-C rechargeable and includes our "Y-cable" to facilitate easy charging. The Flexxlite can be used while charging and takes about an hour to fully recharge!

    Right Where You Need It
    The detachable light heads make the Flexxlite incredibly versatile at home, at work, or on the road. Stick the magnetic light heads right where you need them to illuminate hard-to-reach dark areas, then slap them back on to the neck band to illuminate your workspace. Great for reading at night, home mechanics, walking the dog, and for camping too! 

    Quick List of Features

    • Dimmable Front Light
    • 3 Color Side Lantern
    • Detachable Magnetic Light Heads
    • Flexible Neck Band
    • USB-C Rechargeable
    • IPX2 Rated


    Wagan Brite-Nite Flexxlite Specifications

    General Specifications

    Lighting Modes
    • Front Flashlight (2 Brightness Settings),
    • Side Lantern (3 Color Modes)
    Dimmable Lighting Yes, Front Flashlight only
    High Output Flashlight 200 Lumens (combined)
    Low Output Flashlight 100 Lumens (combined)
    Output Side Lantern 3000K 400 Lumens (combined)
    Output Side Lantern 4500K 300 Lumens (combined)
    Output Side Lantern 6500K 280 Lumens (combined)
    Light LED
    Construction Aluminum shell, High-Impact ABS lenses
    Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable
    Battery Specs  3.7V, 400mAh
    Rechargeable Yes, USB-C
    Recharge Time 1 hour
    IP Rating
    Dimensions Light Head LxWxH 3.3×1.1×0.6 in. (in.)
    Dimensions Neck Band LxWxH
    18×1.1×0.6 in.
    0.4 lbs.
    1 year

    Approximate Run times (each head)


    100lm High beam
    3.5 hours
    50lm Low beam
    7 hours



    3000K Color 1 hour
    4500K Color
    2.5 hours
    6500K Color 3 hours


    What's in The Box:

    • 2 x Light Heads
    • 1 x Flexible Neck Band
    • 1 x Y-Cable (Charging)
    • 1 x Instruction Manual


    How To Operate Wagan Brite-Nite Flexxlite

    Front Flashlight

    1. To turn the light on: short press the power button
    2. To change modes: short press the power button (within 10 seconds) to cycle through the modes (High > Low > Off)
    a. High setting – 100 lumens (each light head)
    b. Low setting – 50 lumens (each light head)
    3. To turn off: cycle through the different modes until light turns off, or short press once after 10 seconds

    Side Lantern

    1. To turn the side lantern on, long press the power button for 3 seconds
    2. To change the color temperature: short press the power button (within 10 seconds) to cycle through the modes (3000K > 4500K > 6500K > Off)
    3. To turn off: cycle through the different modes until light turns off, or short press once after 10 seconds

    Note: When either light is on, long press the power button to switch to the other light.

    Charging the Internal Battery
    Please charge before initial use. In order to prolong the life of the battery, be sure to fully recharge the unit every 3 to 6 months, even if the unit has not been used.

    1. Connect the USB-C end of the USB cable to the flashlight’s input port.
    2. Plug the other end of the cable into a USB power port such as a USB wall charger, USB car charger or power bank.
    3. The power charge indicator LED will illuminate red to show that it is charging. When fully charged, it will turn green.

    Charge time for each light head is about 1 hour.

    User Manual

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