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ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter


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Experience Unwavering Performance With The ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter

Elevate your off-grid capabilities or emergency preparedness with the ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter. This dependable workhorse seamlessly converts 12VDC battery power into clean, 120VAC household electricity, keeping your essential electronics and appliances running smoothly.

ACOPOWER 3000W Power Inverter Features

Unwavering Performance: 3000W of Continuous Power and 6000W Surge Capability

At the heart of the ACOPower 3000W inverter lies its impressive power delivery. With a continuous output of 3000 watts, you can confidently power a wide range of devices, from everyday essentials like laptops, TVs, and refrigerators to power tools, medical equipment, and even some microwaves during power outages. Need to handle short-term bursts of higher wattage? The ACOPower 3000W inverter boasts a surge capability of 6000 watts, providing ample headroom for appliances with startup loads. This ensures a smooth operation even for devices that require a temporary surge of power to kick-off.

Pure Sine Wave Technology: Safeguard Your Sensitive Electronics

The ACOPower 3000W inverter goes beyond just providing power; it prioritizes the safety and longevity of your valuable electronics. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, which generate a choppy, irregular output, this inverter delivers pure sine wave electricity. This clean output mimics the electricity you get from the wall outlet, ensuring compatibility with even the most delicate equipment.

Safety and Reliability: Built-in Protections Keep You Covered

The ACOPower 3000W inverter prioritizes safety with a comprehensive suite of built-in safeguards:

  • Overload Protection: Shuts down the inverter automatically in case of excessive power draw, preventing damage to the unit and your connected devices.
  • Over/Under-Voltage Protection: Disconnects the battery in case of voltage surges or drops outside the safe operating range, protecting both the inverter and your battery bank.
  • Short Circuit Protection: Reacts swiftly to short circuits, safeguarding your equipment and the inverter itself.
  • Overheating Protection: Built-in cooling fans prevent the inverter from overheating during extended use, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Audible Alarms: Alerts you to potential issues such as overload or low battery voltage, allowing you to take corrective action.

Other Features

  • Regulated by UL458 and CSA C22.2, CE under EN55022:2006+A1:2007 standards
  • Independent heatsink design to decrease temperature of main case
  • High overload capacity allows high surge power to operate induction loads
  • External LED remote controller with 5 meters remote wire
  • 12 months warranty protection

Warranty & Support

  • The ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

What's In The Box

  • 1 x ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter

ACOPower 3000W Power Inverter Specifications

  • Output Power: 3000W
  • Surger Power: 6000W
  • DC Input Voltage: 12,24 or 48V DC
  • Weight: 5.5Kg
  • Size(mm): 242*463*118

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