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ACOPower Dual Battery Isolator Kit


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SKU: HY-IS200A-12V
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Wide Application: High current 200Amp Battery Isolator, Universal application 12V  batterie With this Battery Starter Controller, no worries of engine cannot be started when original battery out of power, by pressing the emergency button to turn on the sub battery to start the engine. Easy to install,  

Wide Application: Designed with Small Size, Can Fit Anywhere!/ Wide Use on a variety of vehicles--12V  Jeep, Trucks, ATVs, UTVs, Boats, RVs, Vans, Off-road Vehicle, Caravan & Camping Applications.

Function: 12V/200A  Dual Battery Smart Isolator is a primary battery saver, which used to combine two batteries when an alternator is charging (engine running) and isolate them when not charging (engine off) so you can still start your vehicle.  

Installation Ready:  Dual battery isolation protection controller, which automatically detects and identifies the system voltage after the isolator is powered on.Automatically Connection Voltage (Delay 5 seconds) : 13.5V-16V(12V working voltage)/ Automatically Disconnect Voltage (Delay 5 seconds) : 12.5V,disconnect immediately if it is below 12.5 V.



Off-roader/caravan vehicle usually need to be equipped with a second battery to meet the demand for electrical appliances in the car. However, the second battery cannot be directly connected in parallel with the original car battery.

The stalling use of electricity may cause the original car battery to lose power and it is difficult to start the vehicle. On the other hand, the line load is too heavy when the two batteries charging together. Therefore, a battery isolator is required.



The battery isolator, also known as a split charge relay, uses your vehicle's power to charge an auxiliary battery and blocks your starting battery from getting drained by your equipment when the engine is turned off. The auxiliary battery isolator will only allow the extra battery to charge at whatever rate the alternator can manage.


What's In The Box

  • Battery isolator
  • 200A Fuse


ACOPOWER Dual Battery Isolator Kit Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 12Vworking voltage and load voltage
  • Continuous Current: 200A normally
  • Automatic Connection Voltage: 13.5V-16V (12V working)
  • Automatic Disconnection Voltage: 12.5V, immediately disconnect if below 12.5V
  • Over Voltage: 16V
  • Weight: 694g
  • Size: 15.2*14.7*4cm /6*5.8*1.6inch
Note: Please do not put the product under the water situation.

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