EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 Charging Cable | 3.5M & 5M | Outbound Power
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EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 Charging Cable | 3.5M & 5M

by EcoFlow

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The EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 cable allows you to connect an EcoFlow portable power station (DELTA/RIVER Series) to a solar panel with standard MC4 output. Connect a solar panel to an EcoFlow power station for clean, efficient, and reliable power wherever you go.

This cable comes in two lengths: 3.5 meters and 5 meters.


What's The Difference Between the EcoFlow XT60 and XT60i Charging Cables?

The main difference between the EcoFlow XT60 and XT60i cables is the current rating. The XT60 cable has a current rating of 60A, while the XT60i cable has a current rating of 100A. This means that the XT60i cable can safely carry more current, which can be important if you are using a high-power solar panel.

Another difference between the two cables is the connector. The XT60 cable has a standard XT60 connector, while the XT60i cable has a modified XT60 connector with an integrated diode. The diode helps to protect the power station from reverse current, which can damage the battery.

Here is a table summarizing the differences between the two cables:

Feature EcoFlow XT60 EcoFlow XT60i
Current rating 60A 100A
Connector Standard XT60 Modified XT60 with integrated diode
Length 3.5 meters | 5 meters 2.5 meters

Ultimately, the best way to decide which cable is right for you is to consult the user manual for your power station and solar panel. The manual will specify the current rating and connector type that is required for your specific setup.


EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 Charging Cable Specifications

  • Cable Type: MC4 to XT60 Solar Cable
  • Length: 3.5m or 5m


What's In The Box

  • 1 x EcoFlow MC4 to XT60 Solar Charging Cable

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