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Zamp Solar 40 Amp Controller and Wiring Integration Kit (up to 800 watts)

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Power Your Off-Grid Dreams With the Zamp Solar 40 Amp Controller and Wiring Integration Kit

Achieve true off-grid freedom with the Zamp Solar 40 Amp Controller and Wiring Integration Kit. This comprehensive kit delivers everything you need to seamlessly connect your solar panel to your battery bank, empowering you with reliable power wherever your adventures take you.


Zamp Solar 40 Amp Controller and Wiring Integration Kit Features

  • Robust 40-Amp Charge Controller: The heart of this kit is the powerful 40-amp PWM digital charge controller, expertly regulating incoming solar electricity to safely and efficiently juice up your batteries. Compatible with both lithium and lead-acid batteries, it flexibly adapts to your existing setup.
  • Handles Up to 800 Watts of Solar Power: This kit isn't afraid of big dreams. It effortlessly manages solar panels up to 800 watts, ensuring you capture the maximum potential from your photovoltaic setup, whether you're powering an RV, cabin, boat, or any other off-grid haven.
  • Intelligent 5-Stage Charging: Experience the magic of multi-stage charging. This controller employs a sophisticated 5-stage process (Bulk, Absorption, Float, Equalization, and Boost) to optimize battery health, extend lifespan, and prevent overcharging.

What's In The Box

40-Amp PWM Digital Charge Controller

  • Safety Built In - will not overcharge the battery
  • Smart charging - 5-stage charger
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Surface mount, mounting screws included

2-Port ATP Solar Roof Cap

  • Plug any Zamp Solar panel directly into the cap
  • Easily expandable
  • Comes with mounting hardware and a gasket
Solar Wiring Harness
  • Pre-terminated for fast installation
  • 15ft Roof Cap to Charge Controller wire
  • 10ft Charge Controller to battery wire (fused)

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Exactly what I needed and free shipping too.

Thank you for your review and we are glad they worked for you!

Roy B.
Zamp Solar ATP to ATP Solar Panel Extension Connector (20 Feet)?

Great product. Works as described.

We're pleased it worked out well for you. Thank you for your business!


Product as described.

We are glad you're happy with your purchase. Thank you for your business!

Steve S.

good prices and fast delivery

Thank you for your review and rating!

Scott H.

You making the effort to solve my problem was impressive and got my business.

It was my pleasure to help and I truly hope you enjoy your Zamp Solar Kit. Thank you! - Bill