BLUETTI P030A Fusion Box for AC300 | AC500 | EP500 Pro | Outbound Power
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BLUETTI P030A Fusion Box for AC300 | AC500 | EP500 Pro

by Bluetti
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Introducing the BLUETTI P030A Fusion Box: Unleash the Power of Your BLUETTI Portable Power Stations

Unleash the true potential of your BLUETTI portable power station with the BLUETTI P030A Fusion Box, a revolutionary accessory that unlocks a world of enhanced power and versatility for your AC300, AC500, or EP500 Pro power stations.

Double Your Power, Double Your Possibilities

The P030A Fusion Box seamlessly connects two compatible power stations, effectively doubling your rated voltage, power, and capacity. This means you can charge even the most demanding appliances, such as air conditioners, dryers, and well pumps, without breaking a sweat.

240V Split Phase Output for True Versatility

With its 240V split phase output, the P030A Fusion Box caters to a wide range of applications, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Power your entire home or office with ease, or tackle those heavy-duty projects with confidence.

Enhanced Charging Efficiency

The P030A Fusion Box not only doubles your power but also optimizes charging efficiency. It supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge both connected power stations simultaneously while using an AC power source. This ensures you're always ready for whatever comes your way.

Effortless Connection and Control

Connecting the P030A Fusion Box to your compatible power stations is a breeze. Simply plug and play, and you're ready to enjoy the benefits of doubled power. The Fusion Box also features an intuitive control panel that provides real-time power usage and status information, giving you complete control over your energy consumption.

Unleash the Ultimate Power Experience

With the BLUETTI P030A Fusion Box, you're not just getting an accessory; you're unlocking a gateway to a world of possibilities. Whether you're a homeowner seeking backup power, an outdoor enthusiast yearning for more power on the go, or a professional contractor demanding reliable power for your projects, the P030A Fusion Box is your answer.

BLUETTI P030A EP500 Pro Fusion Box Diagram

BLUETTI P030A Features

  • Connects two AC300 AC500, or EP500 Pro power stations
  • Doubles power output to 6000W (240V) or 3000W (120V)
  • Provides 240V split phase output for versatile applications
  • Supports pass-through charging for optimized efficiency
  • Easy to connect and control with an intuitive control panel

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